Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Lake Las Vegas

For Valentine's Day/President's Day/we had 60,000 hotel points burning in our pockets, we went to Lake Las Vegas! I'd never heard of it, but it's this beautiful resort area in Henderson that was built right before the economy crashed and is just now coming back to life. We spent our days swimming in the pool and walking to the village on the lake. Mostly we just basked in the warm, sunny weather. It was a great family friendly place, perfect for a little getaway.
The Logistics of Traveling with Baby
This was our first trip with Oliver's new carseat, the Clek Foonf. I know, wtf who named that. I had my eye on the Nuna Rava for his "big kid" carseat, but the salesman at Baby Cubby was doing WORK. I love that the Clek is super slim, doesn't have flame retardants, and sits up enough to allow him to see out the window. It's also got a built in safety guard that absorbs 70% of the impact of a crash once forward facing. Hopefully Baby Cubby gives me a commission for this plug.

The best thing about this trip was Ollie's sleep! We sleep trained Oliver at 6 months with the Taking Cara Babies program, so as long as he has his "sleep cues" he does great. We brought all of the favs: his sleep sack, blanket, sound machine and monitor. We borrowed the hotel's pack n' play and luckily it fit in the bathroom so he got the blackout treatment he's used to. He slept through the night all 3 nights and it was wonderful! And lucky for us, the hotel allowed you to sign into your Netflix so we could watch our shows once we were in for the night.

He has been doing so well with traveling and it's making me realize how old he's getting. We love our little traveling buddy.

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