Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Our Favorite East Coast City

These pictures are from our two DC trips this month! The first was on Tuesday October 10th, when we had no school for "Service Day." It's the day where classes are cancelled and buses are provided to drive students 3 hours to the Washington D.C Temple to do temple work. Tayler and I drove ourselves so we could explore the city after our temple session, and we had the sweetest time just walking around, holding hands, talking about life. I really don't think there's anything better than being together.

The second pictures are from this weekend, the 21-22nd, when Tayler's sister JaLaine and her husband Mike came on a little trip to Washington DC. We drove up to meet them and they generously shared their swanky AirBnb with us. These two played a PIVOTAL role in our love story; Tayler would always take me to their house when we were dating because 1) their kiddos are so dang cute, and 2) they have such a great friendship with each other and they make marriage fun. It was fun to have that one on one time with them again. We rode bikes, visited monuments, went to the International Spy Museum and the U.S Botanic Gardens, and ate some questionable food from street vendors. It was wonderful. 

Trip Two
sure love this GQ babe, bringing back the picture day poses..


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