Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Havasu Falls Backpacking Trip
This past weekend I spent in Havasupai with Tayler, my dad, and my little sis. For those who don’t know, Havasupai is a remote Indian reservation in the Grand Canyon with multiple waterfalls that are the most breathtaking blue. When we were dating Tayler first told me about this magical oasis in the Arizona desert, and right after that it really blew up on social media and permits became impossible to get. But when our friend Colin announced that he had 2 extra tickets we jumped on the opportunity, and when 2 more girls in our group bailed last minute we snatched those up for my family!

I plan on doing another post (found here) with all the nitty gritty details: what to expect, what we packed, what I wish I had packed, tips and tricks for (hopefully) the next time, but for now I just want to share what we did!

We started hiking around 4 am on Thursday, trekked the 11 miles, and arrived at the campground around 9am. We set up our little hammock nest in a grove of trees and headed out to the falls! That pretty much describes the rest of our itinerary: we woke up, ate some delicious camping food (why does food tastes so good when you’re in the wilderness??), hiked to a waterfall, took a hammock nap, ate some more, then fell asleep with the sun!

While I didn’t love every minute-there were some vicious heat waves, sleeping in a hammock hurts, and squirrels ate all my cocoa coated almonds- it was an awesome getaway. I loved not having phone service and just getting to be with my family in such an unbelievable setting. I’m hoping with my whole heart that we can make it happen again. Tayler and I think a couples retreat would just be perfect out there.

Despite what the pictures indicate, these were taken over the course of three days! Haha I packed 3 identical outfits and only one swimsuit, and I had a ponytail in the whole time so yes I was a grub but not a one outfit for 3 days grub. 
Hiking into Havasupai
Havasu Falls in Havasupai Sony
Family Trip to Havasupai
Couple at Havasu Falls

Part Two found here: http://www.ourlittlehappy.com/2017/08/havasupai-guide-by-someone-whos-been.html

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