Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Date at Home

Guys I have become a HOMEBOD-AY these past two weeks. I blame it on the combo of biting cold outside and the cozy glow of our Christmas tree inside, but all I want to do is stay home indefinitely and cuddle with the space heater or Tayler, whichever is available. 

Since our Christmas won't be spent here, I wanted to do a little holiday at home date with Tayler before we leave for Utah. When we have these rare, amazing days with no plans, date nights at home are our favorite go to. We both love movies, so inevitably these dates end up being movie dates.

  I know what you're thinking- Cortney we watch movies every night at home, that's not a date. And I totally know what you mean! Watching movies/streaming an episode is part of our nightly routine. That's why when I'm trying to make a date night out of a movie, I put in a little more effort and add little special effects to the whole experience. I accomplish this in three ways: adding a dessert, requesting pajamas rather than what we normally wear/don't wear at home, and renting a movie from the library. (Because city and school library cards are free and they have a surprisingly impressive movie selection.) Normally when we watch TV we're multitasking in our own ways: I'm probably checking SnapChat, he's probably playing Risk. But when we do a Movie Date Night, we put our phones in another room so we can be sure we're enjoying it together. 

This weekend we pulled on our Black Friday pjs, checked out a Christmas movie from the library, made some apple cobbler mug cakes and had probably one of my favorite dates ever. 

Merry Christmas my friends!!

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