Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day Date in Provo

Tayler arrived in Utah a week after I did, and those 7 days were lengthy ones. Mostly because I knew he was all alone in our empy apartment in San Antonio, and when he sent me a picture of the dinner he attempted and burnt my heart literally hurt for him.

When he finally made it to Utah, we spent the day at our favorite park eating Jalapeno bagels from the Creamery, something we'd always do when we were dating. Yes it was almost two weeks ago but it's such a sweet memory I wanted to keep the pictures here.

There's nothing like having no where to be, laying on a picnic blanket in 75 degree weather with the one you love.

If you notice our pictures look different than usual, you are correct (and super observant)! We borrowed a lens from Tayler's brother and it gave all of our pictures a vignette. It was fun to try out but I prefer our original lens:)

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