Friday, July 15, 2016

Goals for My 21st Year

In a few days I'll be the 21 years old. That sounds like such a milestone to me and I'm not sure why. I don't drink, so the fact that I can purchase alcohol doesn't affect anything. I can supervise a learning driver, which is equally non-impacting.  I've just always thought of 21 as a the time when you've got yourself figured out. Your likes, your dislikes, your habits and goals.
 I've always liked the routine of habits. For 3 years in high school,  my alarm would go off at 6:30 and I would stop in the hallway and do 25 push ups on my way to the bathroom. I didn't think about it, I just did it. When I moved out and headed to college this habit was lost, and now when I remember it  I'm surprised at myself because it sounds so miserable now. How in the heck did I have the motivation to do push ups first thing in the morning?!

 I realized it all came down to a habit-just like getting ready for bed means brushing my teeth. I don't debate with myself whether or not I'm going to brush my teeth, I just do it. The habit saves me from convincing myself not to. With that philosophy in mind, I have a few (ok 10) habits and goals that I want to work on in my 21st year that will hopefully continue throughout my life.

1. Fall asleep to a book, not my phone. 
This summer has reminded me how much I love books over my phone. I've noticed a huge shift in my mood as I've started a habit of reading for fun everyday. I care less about rotating through the same 3 apps. Books are so much more exciting and personal, and they make me empathize with others rather than compare and be envious of them.

2. Send birthday cards to family.
When I was 4 years old I got a beautiful handmade birthday card from a great aunt I had never met. I was seriously on top of the world; I carried it everywhere. The fact that someone sent me something in the mail was so exciting, and they knew it was my birthday? I was basically a celebrity getting fan mail.  I still feel this way about cards! They make me feel so loved.

3. Establish a morning  routine.
...that involves drinking a big glass of water, making the bed, and stretching. I never stretch after a run, it seems like the lamest part of the workout to me! Recently I've started going to yoga and realizing just how tight my limbs are, so I think a little wake up stretching routine would be beneficial.
4. Get better at tennis.
Tayler and I have been in search of a hobby that we both enjoy doing together and tennis is our most likely candidate. Unfortunately he's a lot better than me right now so I want to get to a point where we are equally matched.

5. Host a party.
A dear friend of mine once warned me that as you get older, you dismiss reasons to celebrate. You downplay your birthday and use holidays to catch up on sleep. I think we're all just a little busy, but I like the idea of slowing down to enjoy life with some friends.

6. Start a skincare routine.
After working at a dermatology clinic last year I have a new appreciation for skin and how fragile it really is! Since preventing damage is a billion times easier than repairing it, I invested in some SPF 100 for my face, as well as some actual cleanser (sorry Dove soap) and an exfoliator. Baby steps;)

7. Do a 20 min daily clean.
I've started doing this and it's actually really fun to me! I simply set my phone timer for 20min with the aim to clean as much as I can in those 20min, and when it buzzes I'm done. I like the challenge and since we're in a one bedroom apartment I can pretty much clean everything, but it's also short enough that I don't feel like it's a burden.
8. Attend a blogger meet-up.
Blogging has become a hobby that I really enjoy, and I've been able to meet and support some really amazing women through it. Recently I was invited to attend a meet-up in Virginia that I can't make, but I want to make it a priority to go to one within the next year.

9. Cut back on sugar.
I've got a sweet tooth that needs to be tamed. Every day I crave sugar, and 99% of the time when we are at restaurants I'll order the biggest dessert there is and eat that for dinner. Eeek right? I know myself well enough to be able to set some realistic limits, so I've decided to cut back by saving candy, chocolate and desserts for the weekend and birthdays.

10. Take more pictures of the small moments. 
We are pretty good at taking pictures of big events, but day to day moments are often lost. I want to take more pictures that are just for us, just for memory's sake. Like Tayler walking in the door with a smile for me after he's finished his 10 hour shift, or my friend's baby sleeping on my lap.

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